Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1969, We have been serving many customers nationwide as general leasing company. Since 2005, We have been providing various financial solutions utilizing the Shinsei Bank Group’s capability as a Shinsei Bank Group member company.

The environment surrounding us is changing drastically, including the aging Japanese population, more diverse lifestyles, digitalization at an overwhelming speed, and global movements of people, goods, and money. Affected by medium-to-long-term environmental changes, customer needs have become more sophisticated, and collaboration among service providers is accelerating.

Based on the changes in the external environment, the Shinsei Bank Group has set “Grow through value co-creation” and “Enhance/leverage our capabilities” as core strategies, and established the Group’s Medium-Term Strategies (“Redesigning Finance”).

Based on the Shinsei Bank Group’s Medium-Term Strategies, We have established its three-year medium-term business plan in order to be selected as our customers’ business partner. The plan has set “four strategic areas” to focus on initiatives that will differentiate us from others and to strengthen our organizational capability based on Group unified management.

【Four strategic areas】

  1. Partner business
  2. Financial solution business
  3. Specialty finance business
  4. Asset business (focusing on property value)

Including the promotion of the “four strategic areas”, We will make efforts to help our customers solve various challenges through the provision of unmatched complex financial services using Shinsei Bank Group resources. We will steadily move forward to become a real reliable partner for our customers, so we appreciate your continuous support. Thank you.

Shinichirou Seto
President & CEO
Showa Leasing Co., Ltd.