Product Information

Finance Lease

We purchase equipment for our customers, enabling them to get access to the equipment best-suited to their needs through leasing solutions. Examples of the equipment we purchase include IT equipment, OA equipment, industrial/engineering machinery, commercial/service facilities, medical equipment, transportation equipment, aircraft, ships, and various types of plant equipment.

Installment Sale

We provide products for specific customer needs, such as store interior refurbishment or advertisement signboards, by offering financing through installment sales arrangements. Customers can specify the span of the installment period based on their funding forecasts.

Operating Lease

We provide lease financing for industrial, engineering and other machinery. By leveraging our re-sale valuation expertise, we can offer customers attractive rates while they use the facilities. Customers also have the option of purchasing the equipment or facilities at the end of the lease term or by canceling the leasing arrangement after the established non-cancellation period.

Pre-owned Asset Appraisal & Sale/Screening

We offer efficient disposal of facilities, fixtures and furniture that have become redundant through business restructuring or other changes. We provide the valuation services from an individual asset to entire factory depending on the customer's requirement.

Japanese Operating Lease with Call Option(JOLCO)

We are one of the leading JOLCO arrangers/underwriters. JOLCO provides very competitive financial solutions for users of aircraft. JOLCO also provides a unique solution for Japanese investors.

Real Estate Lease

Real estate lease makes it possible for our customers to use the buildings of their choice, while hedging the risk of real estate ownership and minimizing the impact on their balance sheets. We can also offer proposals to put idle real estate to effective use through collaboration with experienced partner companies.